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After learning to weave on floor looms in Finland, Su and Anneli were inspired by the potential for upcycling textiles into rugs. Fast forward five years, ExMateria launched as a sustainable, slow craft response to fast fashion.


Combining backgrounds in teaching and events with a love of colour and minimal, functional, design, we offer Sydneysiders a unique opportunity to unplug and transform unwanted textiles into new items.


                                                     Come join us!


A minimal-waste venue that strives to be ethical, inclusive and divert waste through weaving.



One of the oldest human crafts, weaving has continued to evolve into the digital age.

Did you know that early looms using punch cards are considered a precursor to modern computing? Today, weaving has applications across diverse industries such as biophysics, medical science, smart textiles and more.


Weaving is also known to bring benefits that include improved cognitive abilities, positive mental health and stress relief – the perfect antidote to excess screen time!




ExMateria ‘from existing matter’ was conceived as a creative response to the global problem of textile waste.

In Australia alone, 406,000 tonnes of textiles end up in landfill every year and this figure is set to grow. At ExMateria we offer an alternative: Our materials include factory offcuts, post-consumer textiles, and yarns spun from textile waste. All materials have high recycled content sourced as locally as possible.

Sustainability goes beyond the textiles: Our looms are foot-powered requiring no electricity, fittings are crafted locally from repurposed metal, and hand-stamped business cards recycled from local yellow bin waste.

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